NOTES ON ALL RACES: All of the races are integrated into every town and village. Most lords are humans,then half-elves, followed by dwarves, then drow, then halflings, then elves. (Don’t worry, it will make sense). There is no established elf or drow city, although most drow live under ground under a city. There are often villages or communities of races, but big cities are very diverse. There is racial tension, as always, which I will explain in another part of the wiki. If you have any other questions, ask.


Humans, for a while, were the only dragon riders. Only in the last 100 years, and you will find out why, did they start to allow other races to become dragon riders, so there is still some tension there. Some humans still consider themselves the superior race, but most reasonable people have come to their senses about equality and what not. Most lords or nobles are humans, but other races are still represented. Are known across all craft halls except for magic, which very few humans are apart of.


They are the most magic ready race, although all of the races can use magic. They mostly use light magic and are mostly good people. Extremely attractive race in this world, like all other worlds. Are not immortal, but live to very old ages. Not very many elves however, and fewer elf dragon riders. Elves are all around rare, especially compared to other races. They hold dominion over the magic craft hall, and teach people who want to learn there. However, magic comes very hard to most other races except for half-elves and drow. Human and dwarf magic users are very rare, although like I said all races are still consider able to do magic. Very few noble elves, but a lot of elves in higher up, advising positions.


Very rowdy bunch. Live to be about 150-200 years old. Hold dominion over the mining and black smith halls (of course). Very rare to see a dwarf magic user. Most dwarves are very rich, and some dwarves hold higher positions as lords or nobles. Other than halflings and elves, the least represented group with dragon riders, but they do indeed still exist.


Almost as populous as the humans, half elves are very common. Live to be about the same age as Aragorn was when he died. They represent every craft and trade. Other than humans, most dragonriders are half-elfs. Very easy for them to learn magic. Very versatile race. Many nobles are half elves, although many other races, especially drow and elves, consider them a second class race. Humans, surprisingly enough, do not think that as much of half-elves as the other groups do.


Halflings are the most reclusive race. They usually live out in the farming and fishing towns. However, many halflings are harpers and musicians and some of them travel around being the resident harper in one area or another. Mostly affiliated with the harper hall. However, there has never been a halfling dragon rider. Not because they were not allowed, but because they have never impressed on a dragon and never been selected to become a dragon rider because they just, for one reason or another, do not have the capability to do so. They often hold lesser lord and noble positions.


Drow are a very interesting race. Many of the drow are part of the pern mafia in a sense, called the Malatar Thieves Guild, named after the founder and current leader of the group. Other drow often represent the fighters halls or members of the magic craft hall. Many drow also found ways to weasel up to higher positions in major cities. Very cunning and crafty race. Drow have been known to make good dragon riders however.


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