Important People and Events



Lessa is the Benden Weyrwoman during the Ninth Pass, and rider of the gold dragon Ramoth. She was, for a time, the only Weyrwoman because of the previous lack of dragons. Now there are others, but not as many as in time past.


F’lar is the weyrleader of Benden Weyr and the rider of bronze Mnementh.


Robinton is the leader of the Harper Craft Hall.

Malatar (Drow)

Malatar is the leader, and founder, of the Malatar Thieves Guild, which is more or less the mafia of this world. And, as with most mafia leaders, the people in charge knows who he is, they just can’t do anything to touch him for a various amount of reasons. He started as a higher noble and continues to hold that position. He is incredibly rich and powerful, and virtually untouchable by the law. The guild is very exclusive considering almost the entire guild is drow. (You know, a family business and what not) However, there have been very rare exceptions.


Lessa, using the dragons ability to travel through time, went back 300 years to retrieve the dragonriders who disappeared, bringing the dragon population back up to less than normal as opposed to almost extinct. Other Weyrs became more established.


Thread comes every 150 years and stays for about 50 years. However, there was an odd jump and the thread skipped a time period and in this time it had been almost 300 years since the last threadfall. Because of this, many people believed the thread gone forever, and began to look down upon dragonriders as a wasted of time. After all, their taxes went to dragons, and they weren’t doing a whole lot. So, over time, dragonriders were brought from the status to kings to higher nobles. When the new dragonriders from the past came along, they did not like this at all, and many were banished to the recently discovered Southern Continent because they posed such a problem. However, some did end up staying and adapted to the new ways. When the new threadfall came, many people died because they were not prepared at all. This brought dragonriders down even lower because many blame them. But, they are slowly coming back up in the eyes of the public, but there are still a lot of tensions.


Up to 100 years beforehand, only humans were allowed to be dragonriders. However, because of population losses in dragons, all of the other races were called to be dragonriders as well. This was also done to achieve better standing with the public. However, many humans did not like it and still do not like it. Especially the riders from the past.

Important People and Events

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