Dragons in Pern

Pern: The World of Dragons


There are only four types, or colors, of dragons. Bronze, gold, brown, blue, and green. Bronze and brown are always male and gold and green are always female. Blue are always male, which means there are only two female dragon types. Bronzes are always the kings, or alpha males, of the dragons and their riders are usually in charge. They are followed by the golds, which are always the queen dragons and only slightly larger than the bronze dragons. The bronzed dragons and queens almost always mate. The next down would be the browns, and then the greens, neither of which mate. Browns have been known to mate with queens, but it is rare because they are often beat by the bronzes. Guys can have green dragons. In fact, most green dragonriders are guys, but there are girl ones too. However, more often than not, blues and greens mate. As you can imagine, this can result in homosexual dragonriders. And homosexual riders often impress blues and greens. (Dont ask me, thats just how the world works.) Most dragons are blues and greens.
Riders of dragons are selected by, well… dragonriders who go around to the towns and “sense”, in a way, whether or not a young boy, or girl for the queens and greens, would be able to “impress” upon, or make the connection with, a dragon. And also to see if they would be good at fighting thread, but more on that later…
Dragons, in this world, are pretty overpowered. They can jump through “between” and can travel to any destination. They can also travel through time to any time as long as you have the image clear in your mind.

Purpose, and Importance, of Dragons

Dragons, and dragonriders, are heroes on Pern. The reason why is because once every 150 years a neighboring planet to Pern basically tries to suck the life out of the healthy planet of pern by sending “threads” to the planet that eat everything alive. These threads look very much like very long alfalfa sprouts. Except these sprouts can kill or maim you. The best way to kill thread is with fire, which is where dragons come in. In this world, however, dragons cannot naturally breathe fire. They have to eat something called “firestone”, which they digest and burn the minerals in their stomach to breathe fire. All of the dragons eat firestone to fight thread except for queens, because if a female dragon eats firestone they become infertile, which is why greens never reproduce because they are used to fight thread. They can still mate, just not reproduce.


I already said how dragonriders are selected. However, dragonriders are often treated as kings because they save Pern at least once a week. Almost always the bronze dragon rider will be a leader, the next in command being a brown, then a green. The queen dragons are always up near the top, but they more often than not still answer to the bronze riders.

Recent Events With Dragons

Up to recently, there were very few dragons due to the fact that, at one point in time, many of the dragonriders completely disappeared with no explanation to be found. However, because dragons travel through time, Lessa (see Important People) went back and brought all the dragonriders through time, which is why they disappeared in the first place. (Oh, time paradox, you are so much fun.) Now there are more dragons, but the new people from back in time pose problems…

NOTE: I will be updating a lot of this wiki as we go through the campaign. This is all for now. I am mostly just giving information you will know and nothing more. The rest you will find out later.

Dragons in Pern

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